The Colors of Catalonia         
 In the footsteps of 20th-century artists    
 by Virginie Raguenaud
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​Stroll along the Mediterranean Sea or hike the Pyrenees mountain range... 
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The Romanesque cloister of Elne in bloom 
The sculpture Woman with Loaves on the main square in Gósol, where Picasso spent the summer of 1906 
A view of the Palace Maricel in Sitges
Les Templiers - hotel and restaurant - in Collioure
A traditional Catalan fishing boat in front of the bell tower in Collioure
Le Domaine de Saint Clément in Corneilla-de-Conflent
The painter George-Daniel de Monfreid's home where he entertained many artists, including Maillol, Matisse, Terrus, as well as Paul Gauguin's wife Mette and their son Jean René. (Now a private residence)